Shop and Equipment

Items available from our shop.

We sell Swimming Equipment and have a small Tuck Shop to treat your children.

Swim Equipment

Note: Swim HATS must be worn by all swimmers.

Goggles Prices range from
£5.50 to £11.50
Swim Hats Silicone £5.50
Polyester £3.50
Floats £3.00
Woggles £6.00
Ear Plugs £3.00
Nose Clips £3.50
Protection Socks £4.00

Tuck Shop

Many snack items are available from sweets to crisps.

Examples are:

Water 50p
( All low sugar )
Fruit Shots
Ice Lollies
Crisps 20p - 50p

Please ask if there is something particular you require that isn't on the above list as we may be able to order it in for you.

Drinks are low in sugar.

*Please note that these items are not permitted to be eaten on poolside.  We also strongly recommend swimmers do not eat directly before swimming.*