Hook Swim School Lessons

Hooks Swim School offers swimming lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our trained staff will be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Baby & Toddler Swimming Classes


baby swimming lessons at hook swim school

For Babies from 3 months to 3 years old

We love to teach babies at Hook Swim School.   We introduce babies to swimming and water safety in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.  Our classes cater for babies aged 3 months to 3 years.

Our baby and toddler swimming classes have been designed around your child’s age so that the activities are reflective of your child’s developmental stage, both physically and cognitively.

  • For your child to  enjoy the lesson in the closeness of familiar arms
  • For your child to become gradually more independent and capable in the water
  • To teach children vital water safety skills such as; listening to instructions from parents when around water, as well as how to enter and exit the pool safely
  • For your child to learn breath control
  • To teach assisted flotation leading towards independent flotation on front and back
  • To teach simple movement through the water
  • To prepare for accidental immersion and recovery to the wall
  • To increase social and language skills, so that the bond between baby and adult is strengthened and enhanced
  • To build confidence, so that the child feels comfortable and confident in the water

Prior to attending your first class with your child, please read the guidelines below.  That way we will be able to instruct, you and your child, as efficiently as possible:-

  • A parent or guardian is required to be in the water for baby classes up until the age of 3
  • Classes are 30 minutes in duration
  • Babies must wear swim nappies.  We usually have some spares just in case you forget your own.  All other equipment is provided
  • Classes are run by our experienced team of teachers

School-Age Lessons



Beginner swimming classes are for children from 4 years of age with little swimming experience. This level is designed to provide your child with the fundamental survival skills needed to be safe in the water. The classes aim to improve your child’s confidence and teach your child fundamental swimming skills such as blowing bubbles, kicking, doggie paddling, submerging, jumping in and learning to safely enter and exit the water by themselves.

Please follow the link for levels and class descriptions below prior to booking classes.




 This level aims to prepare your child to start learning the basics of the two most important swimming strokes: freestyle and backstroke. Your child will begin to learn the correct head & body position, breathing to the side technique and timing. These classes will help make your child a confident, competent and efficient swimmer.

Please follow the link for levels and class descriptions below prior to booking classes.




Advanced swimming lessons are designed for children, who have previously had swimming lessons. This level will extend students knowledge and skills by introducing overarm, the beginnings of backstroke, floatation and diving.

Please follow the link for levels and class descriptions below prior to booking classes.


Learn to Swim – A guide to the Learn to Swim Programme



Adult Lessons


It’s never too late to learn how to swim or improve your technique.

We offer an adult swimming lesson program that will teach you the fundamentals of swimming and water safety, through stroke refinement. Our friendly swim instructors will help guide and support you through your swimming journey.

Whether Beginner, Improver, Hook swim school Adult swimming classes is on creating a relaxed and encouraging environment where adult swimmers can learn basic swim strokes while developing water confidence and safety skills. Intermediate and Advanced classes offer the opportunity to refine technique.


Crash Courses


Hook Swim School offers Intensive Crash Courses through the Easter and Summer Holidays. These lessons are taught every day for 5 days, with the same instructor and at the same time.

Crash courses are a brilliant way to build confidence, improve technique or to just give the swimmer a boost!  It is the equivalent of 5 weeks of regular weekly lessons but in 5 days.

During the crash course, your child will have a lesson on each of the strokes.  We will work together to achieve your goals.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are perfect to work on specific troubled areas. Private lessons are available on either a 1:1 ratio of one swimmer to one instructor or 2:1 ratio of two swimmers to one instructor with a friendly and experienced instructor.

Private lessons allow the instructor to offer completely individualised lessons and therefore a great way of correcting technique, working on any issues or just to have a more personalised swimming experience.

Private lessons also work very well for children with special educational needs.

Private lessons are available in most school holidays. We run these lessons for 30 minutes, usually during the week days. Please contact the Office ( 020 8397 7731 ) to discuss your requirements and to book.