Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you looking for? We've shared some of the most frequently asked questions to help you out regarding swimming lessons and information.

What are the pool rules?

Please follow the link:

Do I need to get in the water with my child?

We do say to the parents to come with their swimwear ready to jump in if your child needs the extra support in the water.  We have lots of parents in this age group doing lessons together with their parents. At this point it is the parent’s decision- some parents do not get in under any circumstances for various reasons and in this case, it might take longer for a child to settle in a group if they are crying. Some parents get in for a couple of weeks until children get used to the instructor and the feeling of being in the water and being supported by the flotation aids. Some parents stay for the entire time as their child responds better to learning with their support. It is very individual but we make sure that all children settle in eventually.

Is the pool open to public

We are mainly operating as a swim school, however, we do run adults only leisure swim sessions on:

Monday, and Friday 8-9 am. Our public swimming sessions are pay-as-you-go, and only cost £4 per person. These sessions require booking in advance. To book click here.

Absence, how do I notify of an absence and can I do catch-ups?

We operate at full capacity so are unable to offer catch-up classes should you miss a session. However, if you mark your absence off a day at least one day before in the customer portal you will have the option to try to find an alternative, this is subject to availability and is only possible when others mark themselves off as absent so you can take their place. This can only be arranged via the portal please do not email or call the officer ask our staff to arrange alternative classes for you.

You can read our makeup policy here: 


 Can I pay per class?  
No, we only accept term payments in advance.
Adult public swim, Aqua Natal and PAYG can be paid per class, please book online in advance as spaces are limited.

 How warm is your pool?

 Our pool operates at the temperature of 31-32 degrees celsius.   

Is there a waiting list, if so, how long is it and can you add me? 

We don’t have a waiting list and operate on a first-come-first-served basis. We always give priority re-booking to our existing customers and all remaining spaces are then published on the website. 

Is there parking on-site?

Parking on-site is ONLY ALLOWED after 6 pm and on weekends, all other times you can park on the adjacent residential streets. When parking onsite please only use spaces allocated for St Paul’s school teachers, do not use our staff parking spaces which are reserved for the instructors.e. 

What is the size and depth of the pool?

Hook Swim School operates on our own private indoor pool. The pool is 15 metres long and 5 metres wide. 0.8m in the shallow end 1.8m in the deep end.  Perfect for learn to swim. This is a great length for small groups of swimmers.

What should I bring to a lesson? 

Swimming hats are compulsory, goggles are recommended.  We have all the other equipment required on site. Please bring your own towel to dry off post lesson.

I am nervous about my child starting lessons, what should I do?



Any personal fear or anxiety you may have about the water can be easily transferred to your child. Try to be supportive and positive at all times with your child. Inform reception and the instructor privately about your concern and they will support you through your child’s first lessons.

What training do the teachers have?

All of our teachers are Swim England and STA trained and have gone through an additional 30 hours of specific program training.

Are swimming supplies available for purchase?

Yes, we have goggles, swimming caps, floatation belts and swim nappies available for purchase.

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Pool Facilities

No chills

Heated indoor pool, 30-32 degrees, specifically designed for swimming lessons.

No Fuss

Free car parking available on the street, after 18:00 and Saturdays free parking on site.

No worries

M/F changing rooms, hair dryers, disabled facilities & baby facilities


Books are available to use when not attending a lesson.

On-site shop

A wide range of swimming and baby accessories available.

Just watching?

Seating available for spectator on pool side