Booking Information

Here are the Booking Form and Information Sheets for the Autumn Term - 2019 starting in September.   These are always available from the Office, or you can print your copies from here.

The "Full Activity Program" is published and updated for each term.  This is the full listing of our activities.

Fun Summer Holiday Activities

See our Catalogue of Summer Break Fun Activities,   Including :

  • Family fun swims
  • Adult leisure swims
  • Aerobics
  • Crash courses, in Diving, Tumble Turns etc...


Then book using our Summer Break booking form.

Booking Form

Autumn Term Booking Form

Here at Hook Swim School, you can book sessions by filling in the Booking Form,  then hand the completed form to the Office.

The Booking Form may be saved and opened in Adobe Reader.  The Form can be filled in electronically, saved and printed off to be used again each term.

Alternatively,  you can attach a completed Form to an email and send it to the Office on the following email address:

Quick Info.

Autumn Term 2019 Lesson Plan

Here is our quick page of information for parents

It can be easily printed.

Activity Program

Full Autumn Term 2019 Activity Program

Here is our full program of activities, please see this document for the full details and options of all our activities..

It can be easily printed for full details.